TNG Wrap Gift 1994

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TNG Wrap Gift 1994

TNG Wrap Gift 1994

TNG Wrap Gift 1994
Certificate of AuthenticityGlass with Text on sideGlass DesignWrap Party Invitation
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In the late 80s I was lucky enought to get to work on the new Star Trek series The Next Generation. It began an 18 year journey that changed my life. I had worked on many TV shows and motion pictures but nothing like Star Trek. While the last episodes of TNG were shooting I moved to the feature Generations and extended my time with TNG a little longer. It was a bit strange to go to the wrap party for the show and yet continue working the next day!

Ths was the gift to the crew at Star Trek TNG final wrap party. It is a set of four glasses designed expecially for the occasion. The glass says Star Trek: The Next Generation 1987 - 1994. There is also a certificate of authentisity included that was with the gift when distributed. I have never seen one of these for sale but it probably has happened. If you are interested in owning this please contact me and let's work something out.

Only I have owned this item but it is over 20 years old. I have only unwrapped one glass to photograph it and have never used any of them. The box shows wear from storage.

I am also including my invitation to the wrap party. It is in a black envelope and the card is silver in the shape of the TNG logo and has several pages with a photo of the cast and details of the party held in Los Angeles

This is a very special item.
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