SinuZyme Natural Sinus Remedy by Redd Remedies, 40

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SinuZyme Natural Sinus Remedy by Redd Remedies, 40

SinuZyme Natural Sinus Remedy by Redd Remedies, 40

SinuZyme Natural Sinus Remedy by Redd Remedies, 40
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SinuZymeTM by Redd Remedies is a non drowsy, non habit forming, powerful solution for sinus congestion.*

SinuZyme Natural Sinus Remedy is for you if …

  • You have sinus congestion from colds or other infections.
  • Allergies cause sinus problems for you.
  • You need sinus relief but don’t want to feel spacey or drugged.
  • You need non drowsy help for mucus sinus drainage.

How does SinuZyme Sinus Enzyme Formula work?

SinuZyme provides complete support for all body systems associated with serious nasal sinus conditions. It’s designed for ten day use in addressing sinus problems. SinuZyme uses a blend of plants and enzymes to support your immune system and lymphatic system. It promotes sinus drainage and assists your body’s natural detoxification process.

SinuZyme provides non drowsy, non habit forming, stimulant free sinus congestion relief so it won’t leave you feeling sleepy, dizzy or disconnected.

What’s in SinuZyme Enzyme Formula?

A proprietary blend including:

  • Bromelain enzyme. Bromelian benefits include promoting healthy sinus function and normal sinus drainage.
  • Protease enzymes to break down proteins and support healthy inflammatory pathways.
  • Reishi to strengthen and maintain overall immune function.
  • Elder Flower to promote normal respiratory secretions.
  • Red Root to support healthy lymphatic system function and sinus drainage.
  • Here's additional ingredients for this vegetarian, gluten free formula:

What else should I consider?

  • Most people get results from SinuZyme by taking 2 capsules twice daily for 10 days. For stubborn sinus problems, we recommend  Enzymedica MucoStop with SinuZyme to help get rid of the excess mucus quickly.
  • For seasonal allergies and other sinus congestion problems we take SinuZyme along with Enzymedica Allerase allergy supplements.
  • If your sinus problems tend to be the end result of frequent colds, try taking SinuZyme for 10 days to accelerate getting rid of the sinus congestion. But you may also need additional help to balance your immune system. For this we recommend taking 1 capsule of Immune Health Basics every day along with either Enzymedica ViraStop or Doctors Best Proteolytic Enzymes.
  • For additional information you may want to take a look at our Immune System Support page.
  • We don’t have much experience working with clients who are pregnant or nursing, so we’re going to recommend that you discuss it with your physician before taking this product if you fit into this category (and congratulations if you do). 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


There is help for your sinus congestion. Order SinuZyme natural sinus remedy today!

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