Slender GR Enzymes For Healthy Weight Loss by Enzymedica, 90

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Slender GR Enzymes For Healthy Weight Loss by Enzymedica, 90

Slender GR Enzymes For Healthy Weight Loss by Enzymedica, 90

Slender GR Enzymes For Healthy Weight Loss by Enzymedica, 90
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Slender GRTM all natural, stimulant-free, healthy weight management.*

While supplies last we are including a FREE book with your order of Enzymedica Slender GR. See bottom of page for details.

Slender GR could help you …

  • Achieve a healthy weight.
  • Navigate the diet obstacles in your “less than perfect” lifestyle.
  • Optimize sugar metabolism.
  • Optimize fat metabolism.
  • Support healthy detoxification.
  • Encourage a lower Glycemic Index.

How does Slender GR work?
Slender GR provides unique support for dieters and may help non-dieters too. This enzyme formula supports healthy weight loss in three main ways:

  1. Sugar and Fat Metabolism Optimization. The glucoreductase blend in Slender GR optimizes sugar metabolism to help you maintain normal blood sugar level. We find that when our blood sugar is more stable, so is our mood, energy levels and appetite. The Slender GR formula incorporates lipase enzymes to further improve fat metabolism. Studies have found a link between lipase deficiency and obesity.

  2. Encourages a Lower Glycemic Index. Slender GR supports the healthy metabolism of carbohydrate rich foods. The glucoreductase enzyme blend converts sugars from starch digestion to form soluble fiber. This decreases the glycemic index of foods while promoting healthy digestion.

  3. Healthy Detoxification. The gluten-free rice bran and SOD (superoxide dismutase) enzymes in Slender GR may promote healthy detoxification, providing a mild, comfortable cleanse.

Is Slender GR a rapid weight loss pill?
No. If you’re looking to drop 20 pounds before your high school reunion next week while eating donuts and milkshakes, enzymes won’t make it happen. Enzymedica Slender GR works best as a “long term assist” to support your healthy weight loss. Dieting can be tough, and no one does it perfectly. Slender GR can help you stick to your goals and lend assistance when your lifestyle isn’t as conducive to weight loss as you’d like it to be.

Yes, Slender GR has been tested in real live humans. When people used Slender GR for a month, and made no other lifestyle changes, the majority seemed to lose a pound or two a week. We don’t recommend that you use it that way. We think that the only reason anyone should be on a diet is to adopt a healthier lifestyle; looking good is a bonus! We strongly encourage you to use Slender GR to support your dieting efforts, and not to replace a healthy lifestyle.
What’s in Enzymedica Slender GR?

  • Glucoreductase, a proprietary blend of enzymes including transglucosidase. This blend optimizes sugar metabolism to help you maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • Lipase Thera-blendTM enzymes to improve fat metabolism.
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) enzymes to support healthy detoxification. SOD provides antioxidant defense against oxidative stress. This could be important because studies in the 2006 journals Obesity, and also International Journal of Obesity found that overweight people have less SOD and experience more oxidative stress due to their excess body weight.
  • Rice Bran to help increase the amount of toxins you can eliminate. Rice bran tends to make you feel full longer so you may find yourself needing smaller portions when you eat.
  • Here's more information about these vegan vegetarian capsules:

How do I use Enzymedica Slender GR?
About 15 minutes before eating a normal sized meal take one capsule. If you will be eating a large meal, or a high calorie meal, or any meal with lots of starch (such as bread or pasta), take two capsules 15 minutes before you eat. That’s it. Most people use 3-6 capsules a day.
What about Digestive Enzymes?
We think that everyone should take digestive enzymes with every meal or snack, especially when dieting. In fact, Enzymedica sells small bottles of Slender GR as a starter kit along with a bottle of digestive enzymes. If you want this starter kit we will get it for you. The reason you don’t see it here is that we only put products on this site that we have personally used and found effective. While the digestive enzyme in this kit is of high quality, we find that most of our clients need a higher potency digestive enzyme when they are exercising or dieting.
We’ve had a lot of success using Enzymedica Digest Gold + Probiotics, or Doctors Best Digestive Enzymes with every meal. Using either of these high potency digestive enzyme formulas works well for most people.
Other Recommendations?
We combine Enzymedica Slender GR with Natural Factors PGX Daily. This combination seems to work very well for us in reducing food cravings while keeping our energy levels stable.
It’s best that you consult with your physician before using Slender GR if you are pregnant or nursing. We recommend that you do so before taking any new supplement, even enzymes.
Recommended Reading:
Eat for Life: The Ultimate Weight-Loss Breakthrough by Harvey Diamond. This book was published in 2011 and is written by the same person that authored the Fit For Life book series. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in healthy weight loss. You can find out more information about Slender GR, studies using it, and enzymes in general in this book.

While supplies last we are including this book Free with your order of Enzymedica Slender GR.
Limit One per Slender GR order please.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Made in the USA

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